Because you need this stuff...

Foremost amongst MixTape's advanced features is the ability to play live.

While this clearly isn't a big deal for those of us familiar with Traktor, Serato or whatever ... MixTape is different and there's some stuff you ought to know...

MixTape's live play is based on a 'dual playhead' concept. That is to say that the point in your mix which is currently playing live and the point at which you are currently mixing live are different - with a convenient readout to tell you how much spare you currently have in hand. See the screenshot below?

The red line shows the editing head, as normal, but the encroaching blue zone is the portion of the mix that has already been played out.

As well as being able to select a true second soundcard (with no mono downmixing or nasty cables; MixTape can output the timings as set by the beat grid through MIDI. 

Similarly, for playing live, you'll note the option to use 'night colours'. A dark UI with enhanced contrast to help save those night eyes.

A perhaps more fundamental change is MixTape's ability to work with and export lossless formats (both wav and aiff).

The internal signal path is also pure 32-bit floating point so your tunes remain pure right up to the DAC. 

Future development in MixTape will include pitch lock/shift and the ability to upload straight to MixCloud. Working on it...