A better way to go...

To go with MixTape Pro's genuinely innovative user interface, we have created an entirely new way of playing live.

Existing interfaces all have one thing in common: the only time they understand is now. There is no way of preparing, of doing a trial run or of trying a mix - deciding you don't like it - and trying another. MixTape changes all that. In essence you place your first track, start the mix, then build the mix exactly as you would any other time.

A blue region extends across your mix showing you where the live stream is and a convenient readout shows how far ahead your current edit is. Like this:

We also prevent nasty sounding errors by preventing a tune that's currently playing on the live stream from being moved.

MixTape also allows genuine two channel stereo output without downmixing or Y-cables. See the live setup tab of preferences:

You merely select which of your core audio devices you wish to play down. This includes the built in output, airplay devices, bluetooth devices (seriously good for mixing in the living room), USB devices and Firewire devices. Changes are also instantaneous - no "apply" or restarting needed.

MixTape Pro also emits MIDI clock (0xf8) signals with a variable delay to act as a time source for VJ's or lighting setups. A variable sync offset corrects for the differing lengths of signal chains and latencies. We've tested against Resolume Avenue but any MIDI compatible software should accept this. From the output side, we've tested against the popular M-Audio Uno but MixTape should work just fine with any OSX compatible MIDI hardware.

It's difficult to understand until you've tried it, but MixTape's 'look forward' technique of mixing enables new styles and techniques never seen before. Fill over or edit out a breakdown, in real time. Or work hard and get ten minutes or so ahead so you have time for a ... break. Or try three or four mixes to see which you like best whereas a non-MixTape DJ has to commit to how this is going to sound without actually hearing it first.

MixTape Pro played live. It really is a better way to go.