Mixing music became beautiful and easy.

Some of us want it for ourselves; some of us want to share. For some it's about listening and for some it's about dance. But we all love our music and MixTape is all about that elusive perfect mix. Whether it be perfectly beat matched breaks; epic mashups; or just tunes for work - MixTape will help you create, experiment and publish the results onto the web or directly into iTunes.

Some of us love technology; some love ease of use; but we all love the OS X look and feel. MixTape's close adherence to Apple's standards makes it a natural part of the OS X workspace; and the timeline's simple interface disguises a powerful tool. Those of us who take it more seriously will be happy to see variable bitrate exports, support for uncompressed files, and a new way of playing live with a revolutionary workflow.

MixTape. It's for everyone who loves music.

MixTape in 90 seconds...