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Moving music around...

Through these tutorials I have referenced "your library" and "the demo library" without actually discussing what a library is or what you can do with it.

MixTape libraries are files (actually a package) with the file extension ".mixtapelibrary". You probably can't see the extension in the finder and this is not a problem. The library consists of: your music; all the metadata (added date, timing tabs etc); and all your mixes.

Moving or copying your MixTape library is just like any other file. MixTape is marginally sensitive to latency but this relates mostly to the metadata. You can mount a MixTape library across the Internet (fuse over ssh) but it's painful; mounting via a USB2 thumb drive is 'sticky' at first but fine once the caches warm up; similarly an SD card proves to be just fine. The point is that your MixTape library can be moved around and backed up like any other (large) file.

Multiple libraries

A library can be opened by either dragging the library onto MixTape's dock icon (which will wake it up if necessary), or by using the "File, Open Library..." menu item. A new empty library can be created with "File, New Library...". To close a library just use the red X (there is never a need to 'save' anything in MixTape) and just quitting the application will also do the right thing. 

Copying between libraries is even simpler. If you...

  • Drag a track from one library (list) to another: the track copies over along with it's timing tabs. Note that it's important to drag to the library list itself and not just the MixTape window.
  • Drag a mix from one library (list) to another: the mix copies including copying over any tracks that are necessary.

That's, ahhh, really all there is to it. Uses of this technique include sharing tracks or entire mixes with friends, or splitting off a proportion of your library to be moved on a thumb drive, SD card or whatever.